Annual Meetings

      Owner Meetings Are Held Annually In The Fall
Next Meeting:  Saturday, October 3, 2020
Location: To Be Determined
        Downloadable Forms:        Proxy Form              Manager Application

2019 Annual Meeting        Meeting Packet         Presentation

2018 Annual Meeting           Meeting Packet     Presentation       Meeting Minutes
                                                            Siding Proposal &  Assessment        Bid Proposals

                                                           Photos of Damage        Owner Q & A   (Updated Nov 30)
2017 Annual Meeting
        Meeting Packet       Presentation       Meeting Minutes
2016 Annual Meeting        Meeting Packet       Presentation         Meeting Minutes
2015 Annual Meeting       
Meeting Packet       Presentation        Meeting Minutes
2014 Annual Meeting        Meeting Packet       Presentation        Meeting Minutes
2013 Annual Meeting        Meeting Packet      Presentation         Meeting  Minutes
2012 Annual Meeting        Meeting Packet       Presentation         Meeting Minutes
2011 Annual Meeting         Meeting Packet       Presentation        Meeting  Minutes